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Favorite Products

These are a few of Emily's favorite things...

Disclaimer: Emily does not endorse or have a financial vestment in any of the below products or brands. By listing products on her site, Emily does not recommend they are appropriate for you or should be used for treatment purposes as a clinician. The below are from Emily's Amazon affiliate link, therefore she receives a (very small) percentage of the sale. It should not change the price for you and is a small way of supporting Emily in her educational efforts and free resources, but please do not feel obligated to purchase from these links directly. Thank you!

These help with temperature regulation during the summer.


I like this brand in particular and find that they keep cooler and last longer. Use any water and as it evaporates, it cools the towel! I like having several options - in my car, purse, office, etc.

Now you can "pop a squat" wherever you want!


Compression garments can be very helpful. But not if the fatigue or pain of getting them on outweighs the benefit! Check out this awesome donning device.

This pillow can provide really subtle but significant neck support and is adjusted- pumping by hand (easily) to the desired level for comfort. It's especially nice after a long day while reclining on the couch or chair. 

cervical pillow.jpg

I love to end my day (or start it) with two of these, one under each ankle to help increase my proprioception and decrease muscle tension. You can use them on hips, shoulders, back, feet... you name it! They are battery operated and last a long time!

This tubing is great to make gripping things easier - such as using a razor, eating utensils, writing utensils, or makeup.

foam tubing.jpg

These help to relieve hand pain (and ideally prevent it with use proactively). The gentle compression provides support to joints and improves circulation. I especially like the fingerless which allows you function of your fingers to type, use touchscreen, etc.

This helps with cutting veggies into the same-size pieces and saves your hands. It has a function to chop as well as to shred, dice, grate, and more.

Mueller chopper.jpg
EazyHold grip for hand pain

If you have hand pain while using an eating utensil, brushing teeth, cooking, holding a hairdryer, using a broom, a tennis racquet - you name it! These awesome, simple tools that come in a variety of sizes can be a game-changer for decreased grip strength or pain while gripping.

Save energy and limit pain with these device for changing the bed sheets!

bed madeez.jpg

These beautiful works of [sm]ART help you remember to stay on track with drinking fluid throughout the day through encouraging (and motivational) time markers.

water bottle.jpg

These awesome one-handed dispensers allow you to place your existing bottle into the mounted squeezi. Helps with fatigue, hand pain, and limits bending/reaching. Installs with suction cup for ease. 

Check out this suction cup rest which can help hold an arm up while shampooing hair or a leg while washing and shaving!


These noise-reducing *not noise canceling* ear-buds are awesome for sensory regulation. Only to be used as needed, not full-time, but can make a trip to the grocery store or a night at the movies less overstimulating. 

Light version: Quiet (good for most people)

Medium: Experience

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me to add your own content and make changes to the font. 

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