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Emily is actively engaged in creating opportunities for dialogue and education for health care professionals.

Join this Therapists Treating POTS Facebook group, created and moderated by Emily. 

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Now available! Emily is excited to announce the launch of an online course to help guide therapists and health care providers in treating POTS. 

Check out the course here

Overwhelmed by the challenges for your new patient with POTS? Save time and energy and learn how to manage POTS, from evaluation to intervention.

Find providers from all different disciplines treating POTS (and related conditions) or add yourself to the list to help patients and other providers find you!


Click here 

Questions about treating individuals with POTS, EDS, MCAS, or related conditions?

Learn from Emily in a 1:1 format.

Problem-solve cases, learn intervention techniques, and get support from someone who understands the clinical challenges.

Learn more and contact us here.

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A collection of occupational therapy + POTS resources, videos, and articles.


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