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Mission & Vision

Occupational Therapist. Advocate. Researcher. Academic.

Rock Maze


To live out my purpose - empowering others to live into the best versions of themselves - through sharing my gifts of empathy, reliability, and the cultivation of potential in others. Take measures to avoid depletion through incorporating rest, prayer, strengthening, and quality time with those who pour into me. Channel inspiration from those I admire most through incorporating positivity, selflessness, and individualizing others. Focus on work that targets my highest satisfaction through empowering others while remaining grounded in the pursuit to be remembered as someone who inspires ambition, kindness, and altruism.


The world is not as it should be; brokenness abounds in experiences of impoverished people, physical health disparities, and psychological distress. Despite a seemingly impossible task to change worldly systemic and pathologic inadequacies, humans have the power to make change at the individual level. Intentionality in all occupations - fruits of exemplifying one’s natural gifts - not only facilitates opportunity for the recipient but enriches the life experience for the giver. I postulate that this bidirectional relationship holds the power to prevail through the most challenging of times. My vision: a future where every person reaches their full potential through reciprocal appreciation for individual offerings.

Woman in Wheelchair Drinking Coffee
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